Maid In Florida was formed because I heard the tales of my friends and acquaintances, about the lack of service, the lack of personal attention, the absence of integrity from their home care providers.

“I will be the one you can count on and what I promise to be. My motto won’t change nor will it waiver in my values.”
“I think my clients deserve it! I think that you deserve it!”

Villages Cleaning Service

Established in 2007 with the thought to truly give homeowners an elegant, practical, and outstanding home care service that seems to have been lost in today’s personal services. I offer a variant amount of quality services with our specialties in Residential Cleaning, Home Watch, and Home Concierge Services.

I have heard from so many homeowners and friends who use my services and the consensus is the same every time; “Where was I before they hired the last company”. Truth is I was right here but I remained small and exclusive to people I became close to. Usually referrals are given to me by preferred clients. I wanted to expand more to homeowners that I know are out there, and like me are genuine, honest, caring and friendly.

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My Mission

To show everyone in Florida that you can have a Complete Home Care specialist company with Maid In Florida and a friend when you need one. I feel strongly in my commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

My Promise to My Clients

Deliver a service that is above reproach, Satisfy the needs of my clients and keep them at ease, Demonstrate that my service is the right choice. I want to prove you now have a company which looks out for you and cares about you.

Personalized Service

I always feel that every client is very important to me regardless of the size of their home. Attention to the details has made me very successful with providing my clients with the best home cleaning service they have ever had.

Floors are washed on my hands and knees – extra care is taken in dusting and cleaning surfaces. The use of non-hazardous and effective cleaning materials are always providing by me. If the client has a specific chemical or cleaning material they like to use, I do.
I always clean like the home was my own, with the same care and respect to your valuable items.

Residential Maid Service
Housekeeping Services


Maid In Florida offers outstanding benefits to home cleaning and home concierge services.

  • Custom home cleaning and home concierge services for any size home.
  • I have a passion for my clients and share the great feeling that comes with a clean home.
  • Scheduling weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or seasonal home cleaning is no problem.
  • Honesty, integrity and peace of mind is the key to my success.
  • “For over 8 years we have used Maid In Florida for not only our home cleaning service but also our home concierge service. We often travel and when we are at home we entertain. It has been the best home service we have ever had, we come home from being out of town to find our house looking like it was brand new. After or before we entertain, I know I can count on Maid In Florida to make everything perfect.”

    L&V R

    L&V R
  • Denise Fries has been cleaning our home in Naples, Florida for the past 12 years. We
    feel blessed to have such a caring, competent individual taking responsibility of
    maintaining our home. Denise has taken professional home cleaning to the next level.
    She takes ownership of the home and manages it as if it were her own. Denise develops
    projects within the home to ensure complete customer satisfaction on an annual basis.
    Her work is very unique in that she is constantly looking for updated cleaning materials
    to better service our home…. read more

    GS M